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Registration for the Conference 2017

Registration for the International Conference «Communication in Politics, Business and Education»
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Abstract requirements:

The text of the abstract typed in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) in Russian and/or English:

  • Content – 4000 - 6000 signs (with white spaces).
  • Margins – 2 cm on every side.
  • Font – Times New Roman.
  • Font size – 14.
  • Line space – 1,5.
  • Indention – 1,25.
  • Portrait orientation, no page numbers, no hyphenation.
  • First name, Last name, full name of the University – on the left margin, lower-case letters, bold.
  • Title of the abstract – center, no indention, capital letters, bold. Text of the abstract - blocked paragraphs.

For example:

  1. Ivanov

Lomonosov Moscow State University



Interlinear references are put in square brackets as follows: author, publication date, page,

For example: [Vinoradov 1947: 33].

Reference list is put at the end of the abstract (authors’ names in italics are arranged alphabetically, titles of the books, place and year of publication), for example:


Zvegintsev V.A. Thoughts on Linguistics. – M., 1996.

Kitaigorodskaya M.V., Rozanova N.N. ‘Friend or Foe’ in a meeting communication environment // Russian Studies Today. – 1995. –  №1. – p. 93–116.

Seriot P. Analyse du discourse politique sovietique. –  Paris, 1985.