About the CSDS

CENTER for SECURITY and DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (CSDS) was established in 2011 under the aegis of the School of World Politics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.


The CSDS sets an ambitious goal – to become a center of gravity for the Eurasian segment of the ever-expanding international community of scholars and practitioners eager to understand the whole variety of security-develoment linkages.  

The CSDS activities include:

  • Exploring interdisciplinary issues lying at the intersection of security and development spheres with the help of advanced theoretical and methodological approaches to analyze and forecast complex social processes;
  • Publishing and disseminating analytical materials, organizing conferences and round-tables on key research topics;
  • Providing practical recommendations to governmental institutions, state-owned and private corporations aimed at facilitating strategic planning and risk management in the interdependent globalized world of the XXI century;
  • Establishing a vibrant network of partnerships with the likeminded Russian and international research organizations and implementing joint projects;
  • Supporting the Russian communication in the international development cooperation;
  • Building capacity of the Russian development practitioners at the MSU. 


Research topics: 

  • State fragility and resilience  
  • New global architecture and agenda of development cooperation
  • Political economy of foreign aid
  • Peacebuilding, crisis management, and complex emergencies
  • Methodology of security and development studies
  • Economic, energy, and technology security
  • Political economy of violence and conflict  



ZIP code: 119991
Russian Federation, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskiye Gory, 1-51, 1 Humanities Building
School of World Politics.

E-mail: csds@fmp.msu.ru